Tuesday, April 4, 2017

“I think he is an idiot and forgot who I am"

That would be [Male -1] the attention-starved, as-seen-on TV goof, Carter Page, the callow numbskull with a PhD that so impressed Donald Trump that he named him as a campaign consultant, only to have other members of the Trump campaign deny he had any role in the campaign.  Or something like that.  Like everything to do with Page, it leaves you shaking your head as to how someone who is so obviously limited and so obviously immature could have graduated from the Naval Academy and to have obtained graduate degrees.  I looked at the Wikipedia page of The School of Oriental and African Studies which gave him that PhD.  He doesn't seem to appear in the long list of grad that the school's PR people who obviously wrote the Wiki wanted to brag on.  At least as of this morning.

I think that the Russian spy got it right,  Carter Page is an idiot.   He's such an attention starved idiot that he confirmed that he was the dolt who got unwittingly recruited to be a Russian spy asset by Russian spies who played him on his conceit, his idiocy and his total cluelessness.  It's nice to know that you can agree with Russian spies on one thing, at least.


Considering the news of the morning carries the bad news that Mike Pence is meeting with Republican-fascists in the Congress to try to revive their Kill the Poor replacement for Obamacare, I don't know whether or not the damage that the overt gangsters of the Trump regime will do enough damage to hope that the Pence presidency will replace it.  Pence is quite capable of doing a hell of a lot of damage and you can be certain that the media will present him as a savior and enable him and the thugs in the Congress in doing what Trump and his thugs can't do.

I say we should make Pence and Ryan and, really, all of the Republicans in the line of succession for the presidency as controversial as possible, they have lots of really awful stuff in their public life to do that with.  I'm not sure Trump-Kushner will be around long enough to depend on them bringing down Republican-fascism.

Another thing that's obviously needed, the pardoning powers of the president need to be reigned in.  I doubt the Trump regime would be anywhere near as bold if it were impossible for Trump or Pence to pardon them as their crimes in office and elsewhere are exposed.  I am certain that if Trump doesn't issue the kinds of pardons that previous Republicans have, to end investigations and to protect their own criminality, Pence will.  And if not Pence then Ryan or whoever succeeds them.   There are some crimes that should not be shielded from prosecution, those which happen at the highest levels of power. Especially by members of the same criminal administrations and their equally corrupt political party.

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