Wednesday, April 5, 2017

And speaking of meat-heads.  He's still going on and on about my lying about not knowing about a band I never heard of or heard, going on three days .... or is it four?  

I don't know, is he still doing so on his vacation to Stockholm?  As I said, if I'd spent all that money to go on a vacation I can tell you, answering the numb nuts at Eschaton wouldn't be how I'd be spending my time.  I'm guessing his girl friend was off enjoying herself while she left him to drool into his phone.  I hope so, it must be bad enough to be traveling with him. 

An ancient rock critic in Sweden,
Just couldn't stop blogging or tweetin'
His raging, OCD 
Attention grabs, needy
Would come even while parked in Eden. 

(I'll confess, this one took seven minutes, not the under five I limit myself to when limericking.)

Update:  "in bed while using hand held devices".

Oh, please, I don't ever want to think of you in bed using a "hand held device".

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