Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hyacinth Bucket and Zaphod Beeblebronx

It's a real but minor source of amusement to me to see Freki trying to pull the class-based Brit tactic of brazening it out by putting on a superior attitude and a pose of looking down her nose.  Like that's ever worked on the Irish.  I think that's one of the things she really hates about me, that when I knew she didn't know what she was talking about or lying that she couldn't cow me with that stuff.  

It's really a lot like what Simps does, only he does it from the alleged superiority that having been born in Queens and spending his time in the most over-rated city on the continent so many of NYC's residents believe they have.  Especially when they're convinced they're the definition of teh kewl.  Like that's ever worked with people who aren't that impressed with that, either.  

I don't know which of the two is the stupider but they're only risking making me waste time because it's funny watching them make fools of themselves.  Two different styles of snobbery, one effect.