Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Clearest Thing In The Republican Attempt To Cover Up For Trump Is Republican Racism

The list of Republicans piling on the smoke to shield Trump from his lie that President Obama spied on him and his traitorous thugs in Trump Tower all comes together in their decision to blame everything on Susan Rice.  Trump, his thugs, Lindsay Graham, Deven Nunes, Fox, the Breitbarts and even such crap as work for the corporate media like Bloomberg chose her for the same reasons they went after her over nothing in regard to the Benghazi pseudo-scandal during the Obama administration.

The reasons they are trying to create another in their decades of political pseudo-scandals is that she is a, Black, b. a Woman, c. a Democrat.  

Republicans made a decision after the passage of the monumental Civil Rights legislation that they would take in those racists and segregationists who would never accept the equality of Black poeple, and others covered by those acts and that tactic, the "Southern Strategy" of the criminal Richard Nixon has served to empower Republicans and to move them from main-stream, still quasi-democratic corporate servants ever farther into the Republican Party turning from corporatism to fascism.  From the party of inequality to fascism.  From the party of Eisenhower to the party of Nixon - Trump.  All Republicans in 2017 are the servants of racism, of fascism, today.  They went from trying to harness racism and racists as a tool to those racists dominating and entirely running the party and, with them in power, the United States.  

Susan Rice did nothing illegal, improper or unethical.  After they've dragged her through dozens of more hearings in addition to all of those the Republican-fascists subjected her and other members of the Obama administration to, they will come up with nothing.  I am confident of that because they came up with nothing on anything else.  If there has been something dependable in the Obama administration, it is that the people who were in it don't commit crimes because they intentionally choose to not break the law.  You can say the exact opposite about Republicans.    And you can be certain that just as the criminal Bill O'Reilly went after Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the reason they've gone after Susan Rice it is to rally their racist, fascist base.  

Update:  Just looked, you can add the genteel, Ivy Leaguer, Federalist fascists to that list, the ones who sponored Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court.  They're supporting the Trump traitors cover up on their website, too. 

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