Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Philip Doherty - A Golden Triangle

The accidental intersection of three unlikely folk living in present-day Dublin - a curmudgeonly widower, a ladette in a wheel-chair, and a jobless Pole mauled by the Celtic Tiger in its death-throes - constitutes a curious trinity in a touching thumbnail sketch of disheartenment, desire, and eventual deliverance. 

Author Philip Doherty earns his second such award [ First Place in the the P. J. O'Connor Prize] with the interrupted monologues that make up A GOLDEN TRIANGLE; and a parallel double deployment in production features a distinguished father-and-daughter team, Brendan and Neilí Conroy, along with actor Gerry McCann, in the casting of the trio. Mattie was played by Brendan Conroy, Jill was Neilí Conroy, Edek was played by Gerry McCann

It's another Irish national radio production, which means you have to download it to listen to it. 

I listened to an interview with the late Edward Albee last week in which he said that he thought most plays were too long.  Listening to this, I wondered if that's one of the reasons I like radio plays so much, they tend to be an hour or less.  Another reason is that you get to hear a lot of plays by writers you'd never, ever see in a stage production or acted out in a film.  It's so much cheaper to do a play this way, especially a non-conventional kind of play.   I don't miss the visuals.  

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