Monday, April 3, 2017

Bernie Sanders Cut It Out, 2016 Is Over Put On Your Big Boy Pants

Charlie Pierce has one of the too few adult pieces I've seen on how, despite the continued idiocy of the Susan Sarandon play group on the play left, adults who want to oppose Republican-fascism have better things to do than to re-litigate the last election.  Bernie Sanders, with whom I was more than willing to let bygones be bygones with isn't helping much but we really don't have time to waste on that.  

For now, it's a matter of getting Democrats elected on the federal and state level and those campaigns aren't a re-run of the 2017 primaries or general election.  Purity tests and futile primary challenges dreamed of in liberal enclaves in other states by people without a clue are not going to be useful. 

Speaking of primaries, this is the time to get rid of the stinking, anti-democratic caucuses in favor of primaries and to take the primaries out of the hands of Republican legislatures and put them in the hands of the Democratic Party. 

I proposed that all of them, everywhere, be made Washington State style mail-in ballots as a means of bypassing the states, the crooked voting machines, the stinking anti-democratic caucuses and to get high volume turnouts everywhere so there will be less of a chance that no one knows who the majority of Democrats support and none of the crap that happened at caucuses, especially states with really cockamamie systems like the one in Nevada.  The Democratic Party owns its nomination, not the state governments, too many of which are in control of ratfucking Republican-fascists, and not the federal government.  Even if it cost a lot to run, it would be worth owning our own nomination race.  It would also get the choice out of the hands of Iowa and New Hampshire.  
It's way past time that those two lily-white states gave up that influence in a party that depends, absolutely, on a far more diverse electorate.  

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  1. At least from what I see in Texas, Democrats think they can't start winning until they start winning. Which is to say, until they win, they won't really back any candidate below the Presidential level in Texas, because that candidate, by definition, can't win. And you have to back the POTUS nominee, or you aren't a political party at all, right?

    So a guy out of El Paso has announced he will challenge Cruz in 2018. Word is, he has a shot. Cruz has damaged his brand of being the "outsider" by now being the "insider" who wants to make good with Trump (or at least doesn't want to shut the government down again), and yet he has to be the "outsider" to be the Cruz they sent to D.C. Can the Dem win? Not without a lot of money and strong party support. Can he get the first and so "buy" the latter? Maybe, but if he can't, the party won't pay attention to him.

    Gotta keep our state powder dry, donchaknow? This matters a lot more to me than Bernie Sanders club-footing it and still holding on to his last great moment of attention, the 2016 election. Get over it and get on with it!