Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hate Mail

Oh, for crying out loud.  Freki the Brit is about as credible as Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer or Ken Ham*.  She lies with as much facility but since she does it for a bunch of people who don't care that she's lying and who will never fact check her, her job is a lot easier.

I don't recall ever taking information from a creationist website.  Perhaps you might want to ask her to back it up.  Don't worry, she won't so there won't be any work to it.

I don't think I've ever read anyone ask that question I did this morning, maybe she'd like to answer it, what does atheism have that Christianity doesn't?  I haven't gotten any answers to it at Religion Dispatches either.  Apparently the atheists can't think of a thing.

Friki pretty much lies about everything.  That's really all you need to know about her.   I think she might be the person who first led me to suspect that there really was a consequence to not believing in sin and so it wasn't a sin to lie.  Though there are others over there who add weight to the contention.

*  I was curious as to what I've ever said about the big names of creationism.  I came up with two posts where I mention Ken Ham, one which I remember from a few weeks back in which I said:

Looking at the link provided to said "friendly atheist" he has a couple of recent posts mocking the mockable Ken Ham over his denial of the reality of the "big bang" the current best model of the beginning of the universe.

In which I point out that another Big Bang denier was the atheist-ideologue, editor of Nature, the late John Maddox who railed against it as late as the 1990s.  He was afraid that the Big Bang would undermine atheism.  He wasn't the only atheist who was afraid it would.

The other mention of Ken Ham was a while earlier and more detailed.

In the King James translation of Psalm 30 it says "in His favor is life".   Despite what some self-appointed bully boy of fundamentalism said to get his name in the news (Ken Ham) the idea that God might have found life so good that it is an intrinsic part of the physical universe also named as His creation that life will arise, over and over again, in many forms, with many purposes that we can't comprehend because we don't happen to be God. 

Despite what current atheists repeat out of ignorance, the entire text of The Bible asserts, over and over again that life is good, that life is part of the purpose of God and that the diversity of life is good. The idea that God finds life to be good is entirely consistent with there being life in other places in the universe. 

I look at what some numbnuts like Ken Ham says about scriptures and see that what he said says everything about what his preferences are and not what is said in the scriptures.  I look at atheist assertions about what the finding of "other life" means and see everything about what their preferences are, not what a conclusive conclusion that could be drawn from that would be.

Off hand, I don't remember writing much about creationism other than to say it's neither a good interpretation of Genesis or the evidence and that evolution is a fact.  Though natural selection isn't.

Update:  You can tell the dumb dolly that I've had that book for decades.   She can bite me.

Update 2;  Yeah, yeah, she lives in Canada, so she says, but she's Tanland to her Irish hating bones.

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