Friday, April 7, 2017

Having Putin's Puppet in the Presidency Makes Things A Lot Crazier Than They Would Be If A Traitor Wasn't President

It is one of the insane things about having the Republican-fascists in power under the patronage of Vladimir Putin that who knows what's possible.  The ever increasing knowledge of how far he went to put Donald Trump in office means that he obviously sees him as an asset.  With the unprecedented and open corruption of Trump and his ties to the Russian mafia that runs the country it is clear that he is a partner with Putin.  

That makes what's been going on in Syria especially strange because Putin is also the biggest backer of the Syrian regime and an active participant in the war of Bashar al-Assad.  Then there was the recent attack in the St. Petersburg subway which, at least several days ago was believed to have been retaliation for what the Putin regime is doing in Syria.  

I would find it hard to believe that al-Assad would commit the atrocity of the gas attack this week without at least consultation with the Putin government.  It's even possible that he would want to get the OK from Putin to do it - if, in fact, it was his regime that did it and not the terrorist groups who are known to have chemical weapons in Syria.  

What is especially insane is that any scenario you can think up is possibly true.  I was wondering earlier this morning if Putin decided that a gas attack, allowing Donald Trump to launch a military attack might reduce the pressure on what must be his major asset outside of Russia, the Trump regime.  Americans are as stupid about rallying around any Republican military action as Russians have been for Putin.  He's used those kinds of things, including terror incidents some believe his own government staged, to consolidate power.  Maybe he's decided that Trump can get him more of what he wants than Assad, though he might be figuring on keeping both. 

Does that make more sense than that Assad would do something he would have to know risked major involvement with the biggest military in the world?   Something that would prove that he and possibly he and the Putin regime lied about him destroying his chemical weapons stockpile?

Or maybe Putin had no involvement in any of it.  Who knows? I doubt anyone in the American media does.  One thing I do know is that a lot of the craziness comes from us having a person running the government who is an asset of Vladimir Putin, who also has assets leading the State Department and who are in other places in the Trump regime.  If they weren't there, some of the issues making this so crazy wouldn't be there.  If Trump and his cronies weren't in place, so many of them with ties to the Russian kleptocrats - including his son-in-law, the de facto Secretary of State, his daughter and his sons.   

Update:  Says the guy who was stunned to find out in recent weeks that 90 year olds dying is, you know, a thing.   I wonder what he said when Irwin Corey died at 102.  I can imagine that came as a huge unfair shock to him as well with a good dose of histrionic complaint.

By the way, these are the same people who accuse religious people of fearing death - that is when they aren't saying that religion is a death cult.   Heads I win, tails you lose is the standard operating procedure for these dolts.  Never let them get away with it.

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  1. "Having Putin's Puppet in the Presidency Makes Things A Lot Crazier Than They Would Be If A Traitor Wasn't President"

    No shit, Sherlock. You figure that out all by yourself?