Thursday, January 1, 2015

More Boswell Sisters

Crazy People

What'd You Do To Me

Update:   Ah, bunky, there's a whole world of like and dislike that is indifferent to the status of things and attitudes among the stultified kewlified.

A hint for the hintless.    The kewl kids who sit on the front step worry about whether or not what they like is kewl with other people and their status by the rule of the kewl.   Someone who has opted out of the conformist world of the kewl, the cruel and those who worry about what "roools, man" can like things and music or not like them on their own without worrying about what someone else likes.   What we think is impinged on at no point by if something is kewl with you or not.  We don't even think of that or if you think what we like is kewl or not.   We don't even care when you tell us.

Update 2:   Translation: Not even if I were suffocating and they had oxygen in them.

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