Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End Of The Year Fun UPDATES BELOW !!!!

A piece I once read about those snooty 19th century British travel pieces, talking about the Brits condemnation of American cuisine pointed out for Brits to critique the food of another country was like the blind proposing to lead the single-eyed.   William Cobbett, one of the most insightful critics of English society in the same period, attributed the dreadful state of the British diet to the class system and the hoarding of goods and their export by the aristocracy, something which, to a large extent, the Americans had avoided up till now, our putrid neo-Victorian era.  Perhaps the previous damage to the American diet was due to habits retained by those whose ancestors had been under that domination and deprivation, the present one is due to our copying some of their worst ideas.

Perhaps that is where one of the funniest videos I watched this year originated from, when Americans do taste testing of Australian junk food.

I did actually laugh out loud when I watched it, which led me to watch similar ones in the series, including when Brits got to try and be disgusted by American junk food, some of the worst on the planet.   If you want to see how horrible, here's this review of this years atrocities.   The only one of these things I ever tried was Vegemite which is pretty awful and which set off my yeast allergy.  I had to take an antihistamine tablet.  Having once used brewers yeast daily (whence my allergy) it doesn't have to taste that disgusting.  Perhaps they feel the need to make it disgusting out of principle. 

The one where Americans try Indian junk food was especially funny when they looked at the ingredient and saw "moth flour" listed.  That would be "moth bean" flour, not milled moths.  If they want to introduce it here, they'll have to call it something else. 

Now, isn't that more fun than watching the stupid ball drop while some drip croons "Imagine" instead of Auld Lang Syne?

Update:  Fair is fair, though I think the Brits are way too polite, here they have American junk food inflicted on them.

And if you thought it couldn't get worse, what looks like the engineers got creative in the kitchen after they dropped some acid. 


And this speaks for itself.

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