Friday, January 2, 2015

Hate Mail File - Soused and Diss Pissed

Your "threat of a lawsuit" is so ham-handedly and obviously NOT drafted by a lawyer, one who was not in the throes of terminal stage dementia, at least, that I'll just hold on to it for a while.  That is unless Orly Taitz has jumped ship and the "left" is, thus, in far more trouble than even I'd feared. 

If, though, you would like to send me an item by item list of what I wrote that you object to, oh please, please, PLEASE do.   I can imagine turning that into an amusing blog post.

Update:  For a start, it helps if the "wronged party" doesn't happen to be dead, dearie.  Not to mention having included the "slander" in his own, published,  curriculum vitae.

Update 2:  Oh, I'm very careful to be able to document any positive statements I make and most of the conditional ones and am always careful to phrase speculation as speculation.   And I would have no problem with posting a retraction if any factual misstatements are brought to my attention and demonstrated with valid documentation.  I just haven't had to in this case because it is indisputable that V.B. was a member of a group that advocated pedophile rape (there being no such thing as valid consent given by underage children) and that he was associated with those atheist organizations and people as there is every reason to believe they knew what he was about.  


  1. Slander/libel actions all end with the death of the plaintiff.

    You can't slander the dead (just to belabor the obvious).

  2. It is especially unimpressive when the "lawyer" can't decide whether the accusation is slander or libel, or both at once.