Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bernardino de Ribera - Vox in Rama


Mikolaj Zielenski - Vox in Rama 

Anonymous (XI-XII century) - Vox in Rama 

Ensemble Discantus

Emmanuelle Gal
Anne Guidet
Claire Jéquier
Lucie Jolivet
Brigitte Le Baron
Brigitte Lesne
Catherine Schroeder
Catherine Sergent

Dir. Brigitte Lesne

The Blessed Innocents, the infant boys slaughtered on Herod's orders in an attempt to kill the future king prophesied to be among them are commemorated in one of the more chilling of the days in the liturgical calendar.   That it comes three days after Christmas is something that I'd expect most kids brought up Catholic remember every year.

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