Sunday, December 28, 2014

On Being Involuntarily Exposed To Two Hours of Singer Songwriter Stuff, Continuing On With A Theme

So, that's what the great folk revival of my young adulthood has come to?   Songs of Self-pity and other First World Problems?  

I absolutely hate my state's public radio stations "In Tune By 10" show.  It's so depressing to hear rich kids whine out their creations.  And I'm stuck in another forty minutes of it.  

Update:  I must have cursed myself by bragging that I had avoided hearing Elvis or Frankie singing any Xmas songs last week because now the radio is blasting out a John Lennon memorial medley of Beatles songs, including the dreadful, So This Is Christmas one.  I think I'll keep the radio off for the entire coming year.   I'm going to have to insist that the thing goes off immediately or no more help with the supper prep.  The mopheads, yech. 

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