Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolution Dissolution Solution

One of the resolutions I've made in the past for this blog was to drop any mention of my tin-eared, tin foil but in looking at the stats for the blog, a number of you seem to like my little blog brawls - and here I thought I was making myself look cheap when I did it - so maybe not.  Neither do people seem to want me to stop criticizing icons of the would-be liberal mainstream.  Even the most sacred of those.   Nor do I think that I could do what I intend to while holding back on them.  

My perennial resolution, to edit better, hasn't taken yet, neither has my resolution to write fewer and more substantial pieces.   Luckily my former resolution to write shorter sentences and use a more elementary vocabulary didn't take.  I've come to the conclusion that simple style isn't suited for dealing with complicated or complex issues and ideas.   Most of the great examples of that kind of writing deal with quite simple and often simplistic stuff which tends towards the obvious.  I've come to the conclusion that reality is too complex to fit into simple sentences of simple language, no matter what the dreadful Strunk and White say about that. 

Resolutions are too important to only make them on New Years Day.   I make them on New Years, on the first day of Spring on my birthday (also in the spring) the equinoxes and solstices,  Labor Day, the beginning of Advent and several days in between those.  I find that making a resolution to start something on a Tuesday works as well as anything - mostly none of them do.  And I sometimes make the same resolution any number of times before it takes - a resolution would seem to take practice.  

One of the things I've resolved to do is post more on the topic of my competence, music.  For more of which, watch this space. 

Update:  Simmie and Thunderboy are outraged that I dissed the sacred Strunk and White, that's the way you know they're such counterculturey iconaclysmy types, their insistence on the sacred status of the dictates of the likes of those two bossy boots from the ivy league.   And have you ever looked at Simels' stuff to measure it against the commandments of The Little Book? 


  1. No, we're not outraged, Sparky. We just think it's hilarious that you're such a pretentious jackass that you have no conception that you're a figure of fun.

    1. Yeah, my weighty piece about foods of the worlds, the title of this post, my irony and sarcasm free post about resolutions "tin-eared tin foil" My posting of the classic song about wearing wigs and false teeth.... Anyone who reads this would see I have no sense of fun about me.

      You know what, Sims, children never do get the humor of adults, so you shouldn't bother trying to get it.