Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm Unkewl and I'm Glad I Am

My short declaration to my fellow members of We, The UnKewl, got more notice than I expected.  It would seem that there are many of us who realize we're not in high school anymore and we can just ignore the kewl kids, even as they want to extend their adolescence into their senescence and to their final quiescence.  

There is something so freeing in realizing you don't have to carry the baggage of the kewl kids and that all you have to do is choose to be happy being the not kewl person you are.  Having lived in town with the people I went to school with, many of them, the kewl kids didn't reliably end up happy.  Some did, many are just as nasty and miserable as they always were only they don't have people who have to put up with it because they're not incarcerated in high school anymore.  

It gets better doesn't only apply to the condition of LGBT kids, it applies to everyone who was oppressed by the kids who sat on the steps and who, on leaving high school gets to choose to stop caring about the thoughts of the conforming, the cruel and the kewl.   Even a few of them grow up and leave it behind but I think the odds of doing that are in our favor, we never had any stake in the kewl racket. 

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