Wednesday, December 31, 2014

La Bolduc - Le Jour de L'An

Your dad and I are going to get ready for New Years Day, I'm making some pies and an good old fashioned stew.

On New Years Day you shake hands and kiss, it's a good time to take advantage of, it only comes once a year. (after every verse)

Paint the sled and hitch up the mare, we'll go visit your sister down in the bottoms of the fifth (district).

Go buy a wig and put in your teeth,  it's true you've only got me to please but you might as well make yourself more appealing. 

Go be nice and invite your old Uncle Nazaire to come for New Years,  "Show your stuff , kick up your heels and dance like you did in your younger days". 

Try not to lose your head like you did two years back,  you only came to your senses when you ran out of money (I assume from buying drinks for everyone). 

There are those who'll raise a glass,  on the occasion of the day, though it's so expensive now and no one's working. 

Some smell of a pipe, some smell of onions but I'll tell you, most of them will smell like drink.  

(mis) translations are mine.

One of my Quebecois neighbors wished me a Bon Jour de l'An this morning, reminding me that it's the real day to make merry, not Christmas.   Here's my one and only favorite song for the day sung by the incomparable La Bolduc in 1930. You can hear her complete works on the site at the link.

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