Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Desperation of Susan Collins - Pretending She Believes That Dr. Ford Misidentified the TWO MEN She Knew Before They Tried To Rape Her

Since Susan Collins is, for the first time in her career as a dubious "moderate" facing the consequences of her more typical Republican partisanship and she is resorting to the easiest dodge, she's claiming she believes Christine Blasey Ford was assaulted but that the poor, confused girl is misidentifying the boys who attacked  her.

That's the first thing to remember, Christine Blasey Ford isn't merely saying she was attacked by one attempted rapist, but two.  

The second thing to remember is that Christine Blasey Ford KNEW BOTH of the men who assaulted her and tried to rape her BEFORE THE ATTACK HAPPENED.

The third thing to remember is that Christine Blasey Ford isn't someone who has a history of delusional behavior.   In all the defamatory material I've seen cooked up by the Republican defamation machinery, I have not see a single thing about her past brought up to accuse her of delusional behavior, apart from the lies misidentifying another woman's student evaluations. 

In the responsible coverage of this it has been frequently pointed out that false accusations of rape are a very small percentage of the small number of rape cases that actually make it to the point someone is arrested.  I've seen figures of two to seven percent.  

I would guess that the cases in which a rapist is misidentified BY A WOMAN WHO PREVIOUSLY KNEW THE FACE AND NAME OF ONE MAN SHE ACCUSED is either infinitesimally few or non-existent.  I will go out on a limb and guess that such cases when a woman knew BOTH OF THE MEN SHE IS ACCUSING are nonexistent.  Cases in which women have misidentified strangers are not relevant to this case because Dr. Ford knew both of the men who assaulted her. 

I think the most likely case, the most believable one is that Susan Collins, finding herself in the unfamiliar position of having her judgement judged to be appalling is flailing around to cover her shame and she is reaching for the worst of the worst of traditional means of discrediting the testimony of a woman who has been raped.  I don't for a second believe that Susan Collins really believes what she's claiming to cover her shame, I find it far more credible that she is lying than that Dr. Ford isn't reporting the truth.  Collins is beyond disgusting and deserves to end her days knowing she has earned an infamous name in history. 

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