Thursday, October 11, 2018

Just Because He's Nuts Doesn't Mean He's Not A Scumbag

Kanye West is a reminder that even someone who is seriously mentally ill can also be a flaming asshole.  I didn't know much about him until this year, I'm not surprised to find out he was a faculty brat.  To hell with him, there are poor people with mental illness who no one feels sorry for.  I wonder if he heard some nonsense about the 13th amendment from idiot radicals in his childhood and that's what he's regurgitating in his manic phases.  He should be ignored, though he won't be. 


  1. ".The relevant passage that proves you misrepresented it was "I had a discussion of this in depth"

    In depth.



    Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?


    1. Behold, the Eschaton level of refutation.

    2. Does this guy not have a life? He's almost as pathetic as Kanye, but Kanye has the excuse of being bipolar.

    3. I think Kanye should be treated, especially before he does something stupider than making a speech on a tabletop in an Apple store (which he did today after seeing Trump).

    4. Oh, I do too. I've known several people with severe mental illness, one of them a niece who died as a result of hers. Her mother told me that when her M.D. saw she was going to turn 18, she said that she had to prepare herself for the fact that that day she wouldn't be able to do anything about any of it and she'd never even get to know what was going on with her but that the social workers would try to make her responsible for everything and it's exactly what happened.

      One of the things I learned from mentally ill people is that if they're nice people, their mental illness wouldn't wipe that out and if they were rotten, the mental illness would only make that worse. I think West was probably a spoiled brat as a kid, which is why Trump and he hit it off. Faculty brat (mother an English prof) his father a former Black Panther (I wouldn't be surprised if young Kanye heard some stupid stuff about the 13th amendment in that milieu and he's regurgitating it now) he'd probably be saying stupid stuff even if he weren't nuts.

    5. As to Simps, it's not surprising that someone who can't understand that the rebooted Murphy Brown and Blackklansman couldn't retrospectively be the cause of Trump's election and who expects that someone who has called him out on his dyschronia before wouldn't point that out would have made the comments he did here tonight. I think a life spent in the lower levels of pop kulcha might have something to do with why he can't navigate before and after.