Sunday, October 7, 2018

Harvard Should Formally Sue To Keep Dershowitz From Associating Himself With It Or It Should Suffer The Consequences Of Having Employed Him

Dershowitz the ambulance chaser for wife murderers and, I've got to conclude, total phony and habitual liar of legalistic whoppers is claiming that there is some kind of Constitutional bar to Democrats in the Congress investigating the purjurering serial-sex assaulter Kavanaugh in FOX drivel so stupid and obviously false that it might be a new low even for the bottom feeding Dershowitz:

Alan Dershowitz, the retired Harvard Law professor who has become Trump’s chief legal apologist, writing a book about why the president cannot be prosecuted even if he colluded with Russian intelligence to steal the 2016 election, has now taken up Kavanaugh’s preemptive defense in a Fox News op-ed.

Dershoqitz, who identifies himself as a “liberal Democrat,” nevertheless says that the “damage” to our country will continue if Democrats win control of the House of Representatives and “conduct a revenge inquisition” of Kavanaugh’s alleged wrongs.

“What I don’t want to see is a Democratic House abuse its authority by conducting vengeful impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh,” he writes. “Such an investigation would simply be partisan payback for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

Democrats also couldn’t legally do it, Dershowitz argues.

“It is unlikely that Congress has the power to impeach a sitting justice for alleged offenses he may or may not have committed while a private citizen and a teenager,” he writes.

But what about lying to Congress? Also no, says the former Harvard professor.

“Democrats may try to move it forward by alleging that the grounds for impeachment include perjury committed by nominee Kavanaugh in his testimony at his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing… But that would be a ploy, somewhat akin to the phony perjury grounds used to impeach President Clinton.”

The Trump-supporting “liberal Democrat” then says that Democrats should give up and let Kavanaugh do what he wants.

“The time has come to move forward and not look backward,” Dershowitz writes.

Just how much of an idiot does someone have to be to take anything that lying old legal mountebank says seriously? 


  1. How, part, does one appeal from an impeachment? To the Supreme Court? If the impeached and removed officeholder is a Justice, isn't that a conflict of interest that would further undermine the legitimacy of the courts? And is a Justice who lied to get on the bench really legitimate? Besides, if a Justice did commit crimes, that raises the question of disablement, which raises the question of fitness for office.

    Dershowitz shows time and again he's not a serious legal analyst. He's not even a serious adult anymore.

    1. I don't recall which lawyer it was who upon reading him described as an expert in Constitutional law they scoffed and said he could tell you how to best play on jurors' prejudices and emotions to sway a jury but that's about all he knew.

    2. He plays a scholar on TeeVee. And that's all. I don't think he's even a decent trial lawyer. I've certainly known better, even if you've never heard of them.

    3. I strongly suspect that most of the real competent people in most fields are never seen on TV. He's even sleazier than the "friendly witnesses" in the McCarthy period because he's not even telling the truth, he's just lying. I googled this today and he's all over the fascist media, hilariously he's saying that Julie Swetnick should be tried for perjury as he's saying this. The man is scum.

      I am beginning to think the people who are saying he thinks the American fascists will give Israel the best deal so he wants them in power might be right. Though I think like Nat Hentoff he'll go anywhere he figures he's going to get the most attention. Even the most putrid right-wing places.

      I don't trust atheists of the alleged left anymore, too many of them do this. Not that Dershowitz was ever much of a lefty, it's just another thing he played on TV.