Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Himpathy As The Trumpublican Election Strategy Is A Reward Given To An Entitled Sex Criminal

The family of Brett Kavanaugh had HIS bad behavior become national news because of Brett Kavanaugh's bad behavior.  But, of course, Donald Trump and Republicans, men and woman, are not admitting that, instead they are eliciting one of the benefits of male supremacy, the automatic assignment of sympathy to men who get caught doing bad things to women.

For Trump, the self professed, serial sexual assaulter of women to hold a phony "swearing in ceremony" for Kavanaugh in which he apologized to him for how the poor, powerless judge had to almost have to face his accusers in a process rigged so he'd never face any other consequences for what he did is one of the most revolting spectacles in the long list of revolting spectacles that have come from the Trump regime.

What they are doing is reinforcing the privilege given to white men who assault, rape, humiliate, degraded and use women and girls by ginning up sympathy for him when caught.   And one of the easiest ways for them to do that is to use their wives, daughters, mothers, etc. as cover for them being rewarded for exercising the sense of entitlement such men as Kavanaugh are brought up with.  That his family, his schools, his training in the law didn't expunge but, rather, and on his own testimony, give him an enhanced sense of entitlement including to be let off the hook if caught, shows that they deserve no sympathy.  Perhaps his daughters have a right to our sympathy, no one chooses their father or is responsible for their behavior before they were born, but their right is to our sympathy for having to face what Brett Kavanaugh has done and is because of him, not his accusers or those who point out that a perjuring sex criminal doesn't belong on the Supreme Court where he can inflict his will on women and girls.  We don't owe them any other sympathy than that their father is a creep.

No Himpathy For Kavanaugh 

That would make a good bumpersticker, maybe.  Trump doesn't get to extend my apology to him.  Trump's the last person in the world who gets to do that on behalf of women, or us.


  1. I realize now what you mean when I say I have a "problem" with women and minorities - I don't presume white men all guilty when accused, nor do I think of women or minorities as inferior, noble-by-nature creatures incapable of duplicity, envy, pettiness, greed or any other vices flesh is err to.

    You will deny it 'til and with your last breath, but you know you assumed Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, David Evans, Paul Nungesser, and the entire Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at the University of Virginia were guilty too. [You probably don't know or care about their names, but your know their cases, because all you cared about were 1) that they were white men and 2) their accusers were women] Because, ya know, white males are responsible for all the evil in the world, and critical thinking, impartial investigation and due process all are bullshit created by white, heteronormative cis-gendered oppressors to lord over everyone else.

    Jesus's warning, "Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven" (MT 6:1) is layered, and warns about the practice of making a show of justice rather than practicing it. Banging on the door of the Supreme Court is just such an activity.

    The Kavanaugh hearing was a damned farce, and he is in no way suitable for his position for a number of reasons, but your mind, and the mind of all progressives, was made up the minute you heard the allegations, and that is why so many support him. And that is not justice, merely its semblance, in either case.

    Half truths are whole lies, and social justice is no justice at all. God help us all, though we sure don't deserve it.

    1. This is so over the top that if you were a woman, someone like you would accuse you of hysteria.

      My mind about Kavanaugh was made up as soon as I found out who he was when he was first nominated to be a Judge and I found out his entire law career consisted of him being a Republican thug and hack. What Democrats managed to get out about him during the hearings only added to that. All of that was before what Christine Blasey Ford's account came out.

      You're going to have to distinguish between two different things, whether or not someone is accused of a crime they are going to be put on trial over and possibly deprived of their freedom, their lives, their livelihood, their families. You have that on the one hand, which Brett Kavanaugh was never subjected to or is there any practical liklihood of him being subjected to that, and then there is his demand that he is due the ultimate promotion to the Supreme Court.

      The standards of proof in evaluating what he demanded was his right is not the same as the standard of proof in evaluating innocence in a court of law. If he wanted people to judge the accusations against him in a way where he could demand he be judged by the highest standard, I suppose at least in Maryland he could have demanded an independent police investigation of the crime and a trial, though I don't know if the accused can ask for one. Of course, he didn't even want the one that Chris Coons was suckered into by Jeff Flake, he was given the chance to ask for one by Richard Durbin and he repeatedly refused to ask for it, depending on Chuck Grassley's stated intention to block an FBI investigation. If he had wanted exoneration he had the means of asking for it and he refused. I have every right to find that, as well as literally EVERY OTHER THING THAT HAPPENED IN THE COURSE OF BRETT KAVANAUGH'S MEANS OF DEALING WITH THE ACCUSATIONS to be convincing evidence that he wanted his crimes covered up. And then there is the evidence that even before her accusastions came out he was trying to discredit Deborah Ramirez's account of his sexual assault on her in front of witnesses. Given those two accusations both have named witnesses to them, I think it's clear Brett Kavanaugh liked to sexually assault young women to entertain other scummy men like him. If Brett Kavanaugh wanted me to not conclude that he would want those accusations to be fully and publicly investigated by independent bodies not under the control of Donald Trump or the Republicans Kavanaugh's entire public life has been spent in serving.

      If he were a gay man accused who acted that way, I'd come to the same conclusion that he was guilty, if he were a woman under these conditions, I would assume she was guilty. There was no one I've seen who was more insistent that the criminal accusastions against Bill Cosby should be judged in a court trial instead of the pages of Salon, I held the same when Michael Shermer was accused by P.Z. Myers, and I've never liked either Cosby or Shermer. I said that the accusations against Al Franken should be investigated AS HE ASKED HIMSELF WHEN HE UNIQUELY ASKED THAT THEY BE INVESTIGATED BY THE SENATE ETHICS COMMITTEE. Since Al Franken was willing to subject himself to an investigation, that is evidence that he knew he was not guilty of the accusations against him.

      You can read in the archive of this blog that your claims about how I think about these things is wrong.