Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Paul Bae - The Big Loop

The Big Loop is an anthology of recent audio dramas written by Paul Bae.  I just came across it yesterday and I've listened to a couple of them, more short stories in the form of monodramas with audio effects.  And they have the transcripts.  I don't usually recommend a series of unrelated pieces on the basis of two but those two are pretty good and disturbing.  The Promise and Goodbye Mr. Adams, they are intense and transgress a lot of conventions.  Mr. Adams, especially is bound to be seen as transgressive, a sort of gay anti-superhero who I think any gay kid who has been beaten up or terrorized will like.  I'll be listening to the rest of them and am sure there will be a lot in them that makes me feel uneasy.   I think good fiction should make you feel uneasy, make you question why what you like about it makes you like it and if that's right.  

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