Sunday, June 4, 2017


Oh, for heavens sake.  I've been dealing with the intellectual normalization of genocide, the murders of millions, expressed in scientific bigotry and materialist determinism, of the horrific tragedy  CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY of birth defects caused by nuclear science, its military and industrial applications which probably employ most such scientists and you're upset that I dissed your favorite cartoon doodler.  Not drawer, doodler.

Has it ever occurred to you that there's something possibly pathological about someone who doesn't draw people with facial features, or as more than stick figures and what that might say about a habit of thinking about, you know, HUMAN BEINGS into abstractions instead of real people?   And what the enduring popularity of his doodlings among the sciency and the far larger crowd of those without any real science education but who would like to be taken as having that instead of their merely narrative lore about it?  Because, thinking about your whine, I'm really beginning to wonder about that.   I mean, he's been doing it long enough so he could at least doodle a few faces on those stick figures.

Maybe he should copy some of Alison Bechdel's great work. Fun Home,  till he learns that people aren't just stick figures, they're real, in all their screwed up complexity and feelings.  Not something you can responsibly treat as abstractions.

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He might learn something about people being real, even when they're alienated through encouragement to adopt abstract personalities and they try to pretend they aren't who they really are. 

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