Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Perhaps It's Fitting That Atheists Defend Neo-Darwinism By Resorting To The Genetic Fallacy

Instead of arguing with what I said, all you've said is that it's wrong because I'm a Christian and that - in ways implied but unspecified - refutes what I said.  

That, bunky, is a genuine logical fallacy, not as typically cited by atheists in arguments as "logical fallacies" but a genuine one, the genetic fallacy which might just stand as the signature tactic characterizing materialist, atheist and pseudo-skeptical argument at its most typical.   I'm not surprised, they've generally got nuthin' when things are pressed to their logical conclusions. 

You haven't identified a single thing I said that is wrong with evidence that it is wrong.  Try that and maybe I'll have to admit you're right.  Though I wouldn't advise you to hold your breath.   But it's still a free country, sort of. 

Now, incorrectly accuse me of "ad hominem fallacy" because that's what usually comes next in this exercise. 

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