Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It's Been A Long Time Since I Saw Something This Outrageous In A Senate Hearing

If the Senate Intelligence Committee allows the four stonewallers who refused to answer questions without being able to cite a legal reason for doing so to get away with this, the whole theory of checks and balances goes and Donald Trump is turned, by fiat of these four bureaucrats, into an absolute ruler.  

It is outrageous that the Acting Director of the FBI and the Deputy Attorney General of the United States are doing this on the basis of their not feeling like answering the questions put to them by Senators.  Not to mention the other two.   They should be cited for contempt at the very least.  

The Trump regime has produced, among other things, Jeff Sessions lying, openly, during his confirmation hearings, and yet the Senate confirmed him to be Attorney General.  Then, as a result of that lie, he recused himself in the Russia investigation - only to violate his recusal by participating in the removal of James Comey because Trump couldn't get him to stop the investigation that Sessions lied about to the Senate.

Unless some heads start rolling on this, right now, American democracy is dead, killed by the Republicans in charge of the Congress.  


  1. If they don't tell Mueller's investigation what Trump said, that will be another kettle of fish altogether.

    1. I don't imagine they'd be brazen enough to stonewall him now that they've used him as an excuse for not answering this morning. But, then, their not answering with no legal basis for refusal was more brazen than I expected.

      It's especially true if they try to claim that Trump didn't try to get them to obstruct justice because that wouldn't have been revealing something he'd said but something he didn't say. I can't see that there is any basis for claiming that would be protected in any way. No logical basis, anyway. Legal, I'm not a lawyer.

    2. I think they were trying to stay in good with Trump. Long as he doesn't see it on cable TeeVee, it doesn't happen.