Monday, June 5, 2017

Will No Honor Bring Trump Down?

If I start thinking about which of Trump's hangers on and lackies I most want to see go to prison I'll never be able to make up my mind.  My first inclination is to smile when I imagine his scumbag lawyer, Michael Cohen in orange jump doing the perp-walk with leg irons and matching cuffs but I'd rather see him convicted and with a suitable prison term and disbarred.  I hate scumbag lawyers who work for the most corrupt of the rich.   But, really, all of them can take their turn in that fantasy.

This article from The Atlantic speculates that as they find themselves in jeopardy with Five to Ten for 100 or Perjury, or Obstruction .... that they'll start trying to save themselves.  The idea is that Trump has hired the type for whom self preservation will count for more than loyalty to him but, if the old saw is true, the first to tell can get the best deal, then they might be as competitive about that as they were while trying to cut each others throats to score points with Trump.

The speculation that Trump's plan is to throw some of them to the wolves to save himself might just make that possibility more likely.   It's kind of what Nixon tried to pull on John Dean, only he was smart enough to see it coming and he took steps to protect himself, though it meant that Nixon was going to go down for it.

They say Trump hired smart but amoral people.   I hope they're smart, in which case their lack of morality might be the thing that takes him down.  There is no honor among people like that, which is why the idiot Founders' dependence on honor among the elite was so stupid.  Trump, the Republicans running Congress and on the Courts haven't got enough honor among them for one decent person.

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