Friday, June 9, 2017

Charlie Hebdo Est Toujours Puant

Longtime readers will remember that I got some heat when, as they were attacked for provoking the anger of Muslims,  I pointed out that the people who ran the French non-humor magazine Charlie Hebdo were a bunch of flaming racist assholes who had knowingly and irresponsibly inflamed the rage which motivated the attacks on them?

Well, in their coverage of the British election and other news British, they put a picture of Theresa May on their cover, decapitated, holding her hand saying that British multiculturalism has been decapitated.  That's nasty but mild and, as May is a pretty awful politician who is about to form a pretty awful minority government with a bigoted, ultra-right, crypto-fascist party which will demand some terrible things to keep her stinking Tories in office, perhaps within bounds.  Especially when compared to their clever commentary on the recent London terror attack:

It says:  The slimming advice from the Islamic State,   Run fast!  

Charlie Hebdo is run by a bunch of the biggest assholes in any excuse for journalism in the world. The people who work for it stink as much as the ones who work for FOX or Breitbart or any other brain toilet venue of media. 

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