Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Simon Ferry and Tim Spate - Lullaby Jock

An adaptation of Simon Ferry's hit solo stage show about his father Jock Ferry's experiences during and after the Second World War. It focuses on Jock's wartime experience as an infantryman and how it shaped his life when he returned home.

Cast:  Simon Ferry, Tim Spite, Christopher Brougham, Russell Smith, Nikki MacDonnell, Alex Grieg and Brian Sergent, with Bruno Smith, Nina Smith, Gus Langbein and Sebastian Macaulay.

I think this is the first play from Radio New Zealand I've ever posted.  It is heavy on audio effects, recreating battle scenes.   You will definitely not want to listen to it through headphones, ear buds or with the volume turned all the way up.   It's pretty intense in places. 

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