Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Along with him being a blight, 
Simps also is inerudite,
His reading, illiterate,
And lying, inveterate 
Makes dopey ignorable, quite. 

Update:  Since Simps loves the Brit invasion so much and since he loves to post garbled versions of what's said here at Duncan's... Well, listen at your own risk.

Update 2:  “Definition of rock journalism: People who can't write, doing interviews with people who can't think, in order to prepare articles for people who can't read.”  
Frank Zappa

Update 3:  Google?  How would I have found The Roulettes singing their immortal hit Tell Tale Tit by google?  I may have heard it on the radio, once, I doubt it was more than once and I remembered it.  I've got a good memory for music, unfortunately, even the worst music I've ever heard.   One of the reasons I will not listen to Simp's garage band he's always boasting about. 


  1. Those guys actually got better. Of course, without Googling you won't know what other records they made under different names, but as I've already pointed out, you're an ignoramus on this subject.

  2. You never heard it on the radio. They got zero airplay in any major American market; in fact, I can find no evidence that their records even got released here.

    1. Stupy, I DON'T LIVE IN A FUCKING MAJOR AMERICAN MARKET. My guess is I heard it on the college station from the University of New Hampshire but I don't really remember where I heard it, I do remember it was crap based on the kiddie's nursery rhyme. I probably wouldn't have remembered the title, otherwise.

      You think I made a habit of listening to Brit pop shit?

  3. You never heard it. They were totally unknown in this country until two members had success in a subsequent group. Their records as the Roulettes weren't released in this country until the CD era.

    By the way, Tell Tale Tit is a lot fun, and better than a lot of Brit Invasion singles that actually were hits here.

    1. Oh, you've caught me, I found it by clairvoyance this morning when I found out you were misrepresenting what I'd said at Duncan's Geritol and Pablum Bar.

      A lot of fun? I've had more fun mucking out a goat pen on a hot, humid day in June.

      But, then, maybe it's fun for the stupid and attention deficient.