Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sick And Fed Up With The Stupid Snobs - Hate Mail

I am fucking sick and tired of people blaming Christianity which teaches the same line of Jewish radical economic egalitarianism that is exactly what the economic elite does and always has opposed.  If our economics were ruled by the words of Jesus it would be the most radical redistribution of wealth ever imagined, it would make Marx look like he could get a job at the Wall Street Journal if not The Cato Institute. 

The idea that the reason poor whites vote Republican is Christianity is stupid is BECAUSE BLACK WOMEN, A GROUP MORE DEEPLY AND HONESTLY OBSERVANT OF CHRISTIANITY VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY DEMOCRATIC.  Those polls you love so much identify Black People as about the most religious group in the country, overwhelmingly they are Christians and they are the most reliable Democratic constituency there is. 

Claiming that the hour a week poor whites might spend listening to a conservative preacher - and plenty of them never do - has THE determinative effect on their voting when you want to blame that while absolving the many more hours they spend listening to hate talk radio and movies and, most of all,  TV every single day is stupid.  If their preachers were so influential, why doesn't it effect their sex life so definitively? I haven't noticed news reports of a pandemic of marital fidelity among them.  How come they don't follow other parts of the Gospel such as those mentioned in the first paragraph? 

Your claim is so stupid that it speaks more to your real motives than it does the problem.  TV feeds those resentments by focusing their feeling of being looked down on by those fabled coastal, liberal, college-educated elites, another thing that such liberals refuse to look at BECAUSE THAT KIND OF THING IS REAL AND OBVIOUS TO THE PEOPLE WHO SUCH PEOPLE INSULT AND MOCK.   Not incidentally, it's also telling them to screw around and act in pretty much every way The Bible tells them not to and they very conspicuously follow the gospel of TV and Hollywood a lot better than they do the Gospel of Jesus. 

I'm especially fucking sick and tired of the same people who have enabled the media to do that for decades, as they whine about things like religion while ignoring the pervasive influence of the corporate media because "The First Amendment" believe themselves to be the acme of intelligence when those decades in the political wilderness and the obvious reasons for it have not taught them one single thing except to keep on with what got us pushed into that wilderness in the 1960s and beyond.  The same things that did that are still part of the agenda of such whiny lefties who never learn even as they tell each other how smart they are. 


  1. "The idea that the reason poor whites
    vote Republican is Christianity is stupid is BECAUSE BLACK WOMEN, A

    Has it occurred to you that black women may simply be smarter than the Gomers?

  2. Well, Stupy, I know you're not smarter than much of anyone.

    I don't know what's stupider than thinking the same political tactics that have not only not worked for fifty years but work increasingly well for the fascists are going to start working for us but that's pretty much what your question comprises.

    All In the Family first aired 46 years ago. Nixon was already in office at the time and Democrats have failed to get back to where they were in 1965 with the burden of you idiots, yet.

  3. If only Richard Nixon had been hugged by somebody other than Sammy Davis Jr.

    1. Well, he kissed Archie Bunker, is that what you're referring to or was it even stupider than that?