Thursday, March 2, 2017

This Isn't Going To Happen Very Often

but I agreed with something David Frum said the other day.  In discussing the already obvious fact that Donald Trump and those he has appointed to manage the finances of the United States,  Frum pointed out that Trump's business method was to borrow money and not pay it back.  Which is why he's proposing massive increases in military spending at the same time he's proposing giving his oligarch class new, massive windfalls in tax cuts.   

I think this Trump regime is going to be one of three things, a. the beginning of overt fascist control of the United States, or b. brought down as the most criminally corrupt executive in our history or c. a race between b. and the delivery of the massive depression that we narrowly escaped just before Barack Obama took office.   Though don't think that more than one if not all of them can happen at the same time.  

The insane American federal system has installed the loser of the election who is and was known to be the most ignorant, incompetent, irrational, delusional crook to have ever gotten the presidency.   And that is something we're supposed to not change because it was the clever idea of guys like that Hamilton who's being faked on Broadway right now. 

It makes you wonder what it looked like as the Roman Republic was giving way to the long Imperial nightmare.  Only we've gone from Caligula* to Nero in sixteen years.  It took the Romans a bit longer. 

*  I saw a clip of W. being interviewed on TV the other day.  He looks kind of smug knowing that Trump will relieve him as setting the mark for terrible administrations in the post-war period.  

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