Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Raymond Chandler - The Little Sister

Someone asked when I was going to post more Philip Marlowe.  I've got to be in the right mood for Raymond Chandler, he was OK but he isn't my favorite reading,  But I haven't had much time to listen to radio plays this week so here.

I have to point out that Raymond Chandler was very likely deeply in the closet and it probably had more than a little to do with his weird biography and him drinking himself to death.  I mention that only because I read a book that was listed as "the first gay hard-boiled detective novel" the week before last.  I won't name it because I didn't think it was that good.  I strongly suspect that, if you read between the lines, it's clear Philip Marlowe was trying to pass, maybe to himself and to his author.  

I like this series of productions by the BBC, some of the fun is hearing the difference in how successful the Brit actors are in doing American accents.   

Now, don't start talking out of the side of your mouth.

Update:  Indeed, you'd expect an author in deep denial to create a character in deep denial.

I love being told all about being gay by straight men.  I've learned so much that way. 


  1. Apropos of nothing, but I'm always happy to see something about Chandler, because I consider him one of the great American writers, in my book, for what it's worth, the equal of Mark Twain.

    On Marlow's sexuality I'm sure I have less than nothing to add. But I've always felt that, if the character had a flaw, it was that, like Hugo's Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, he was impossibly virtuous. HIs incorruptablility (a consequence of his utter contempt for wealth) and his compassion for life's losers has always made him a kind of ideal for me.

    That's wholly apart from his inimitable style and unique sense of humor.

    1. I think the incredible anti-gay content of some of Chandler's writing mixed with the quite loving detail of describing good looking men and his own history - in so far as that's known leads to the conclusions I and a number of other people have had about him and his hero.

      I added a quote from Playback to my sidebar recently, I'm hoping to make it my motto in so far as handling trolls, if I can muster the discipline.

      I read more of the detail on his history of alcoholism which is quite horrific, especially to anyone who watched people drink themselves to death. Even by Hollywood standards he was extreme, especially in his last five or so years.