Saturday, March 4, 2017

Old Whines From New Bottles And I don't Mean The Premium Stuff

Is there anyone whinier than a whining Marxist?

I don't take back a word I said about the friggin' Marxists, all of them from Trot to Stalinist, from old line to the newest nonsense that's printed in Jacobin or The Nation - they'll never give up that romantic nonsense no matter how discredited it is.   I mean, that piece by that youngish dolt Benjamin Kunkle published a couple of weeks back in The Nation is typical of the nonsense that the great Marxist revival - which is no where to be seen - is about to come.  When will they get it through their thick skulls that, after, literally, a century of trying that stuff out, witness to the century of oppression, terror, enslavement and the most massive of mass murder needed to keep it in power against the very People that are supposed to be it's beneficiaries


What's happening in Russia right now, in many of the formerly Marxist countries shows where the real evolution of Marxism goes, to its natural state in fascism.   I used to, in my romantic youth, believe that once Communism fell in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, as it was already obvious it would to anyone who wasn't a fully invested believer in the nonsense, that the people who had experienced it would be so irresistibly drawn to democracy that that would be the result.   Of course, I - like just about every one of the Ivy Leaguer Marxists pushing it - had never experienced the full benefit of Soviet style fascism first hand, I didn't understand that a population whose minds, spirits and souls had been damaged by that level of oppression would not easily free themselves from its oppression.  After all, American slavery and the Jim Crow system that followed it still cast a deep shadow over American democracy.  It's no surprise that it is the neo-confederates of the United States are the ones who sold us to Putin, they have always shared the same hatred of egalitarian democracy he has.

The real shock is that American lefties are still such suckers for it, even today.  I think one of the most promising areas for research and consideration is the part that Marxists played in discrediting the democratic left and handing the country to the fascists.  Maybe one of the things they could look at is the lefty establishment who complained that American criticism of Vladimir Putin's fascist regime threatened to start a "new cold war" even as it's clear he was ratfucking democracy in Europe and here.  They just can't break those old lefty habits, no matter how absurd they are.

You might want to look at this rather strange review by Katrina vanden Heuvel of the history of the relationship of her magazine, The Nation, with Marxism.  You would think someone who had looked at the often dodgey history of that would have considered whether or not they should still be pushing it, now that it's obvious even the communists don't want Marxism anymore.  Maybe that's another facet of the damage that totalistic ideology can have on people, prehaps especially those whose consideration of it is abstract and theoretical instead of having lived under its oppression, they can't quit it no matter how many times it makes a fool of them.  If there were some way for the real, egalitarian-democratic left to get shut of those idiots, I'd love to know how.

Update:  Ah, don't believe anything you read about me at Eschaton.

Update 2:  Anyone who reads what I write would know that any attempt to equate any position I have on anything with Donald Trump and his rinky-dink Reich is a product of pathological lying.

If they want to believe pathological lies, there's not much I can do about it except to point that out. Duncan Black doesn't care how big a lie his regulars tell.  He doesn't care about much except people clicking on his link so he'll get a cut of the profits.

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