Saturday, March 4, 2017

Susan Collins Was One of Jeff Sessions Biggest Backers

When Jeff Sessions, the one and only Attorney General of the United States, was lying like a caught six-year-old every single time he said "I don't recall" the other day.   He remembers what he and the Russian ambassador said and when he says "I don't recall" what he really was saying is,  If I tell you what I said my ass is fried.  

I was talking to someone I know, an experienced lawyer who said that what Sessions said during his semi-recusal - my friend pointed out it wasn't, explicitly,  a blanket recusal - what Sessions said the other day was one of the stupidest things he'd ever heard a lawyer of Sessions supposed experience has ever said.  He "recalled" enough of the conversation he had with the ambassador that his claim to not remember the substance of the meeting was in no way credible.  

Jeff Sessions has now added being a liar and a perjurer to his legacy as a racist, white supremacist.  His misrepresentation of his record as a states attorney and his perjury during his confirmation hearings for attorney general makes all of the Republicans in the Senate who voted for his confirmation have violated their oaths of office, all of them proved that they are unfit for office or public trust.  That includes you,  Susan Collins.  You went way out of your way to give the racist Jeff Sessions cover, denying one of the most obvious aspects of his public life, lying about that.   Your useless and cynical use of votes against a few of Trumps many entirely unqualified appointees can't possibly make up for your promotion of Jeff Sessions for an office he never had any business being in.   That is so much a fact that it's not even a full month after that when he is obviously someone who should be fired or forced to resign.   This is on you and your fellow Senators who very likely put someone in charge of law enforcement who is vulnerable to blackmail by the Putin regime.   Now, after Sessions' entirely incompetent statement, it's clear he was never qualified to hold the office, to start with. 

Update:  If you've just eaten you might want to take something to keep you from throwing up before you hear Senator Susan's speech promoting Jeff Sessions, covering up his history of racist, white supremacy in office.

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