Friday, March 3, 2017

I Won't Spill Your Guilty Secret

Oh, my. My inbox has a message from one of Duncan's regulars who says they read my blog every day and find a lot to agree with.  They ask me not to identify them, which I will honor.  

My only question is how they can still stand his comment community?   I know, I know.  I was still addicted to it for a while after the sensible people like RMJ, Tena, NTodd, Phila, etc. left but only off and on after 2008 and the eruption of the anti-Hillary misogynists.  

I guess if you're not one of the majority of them who are idiots, you can take yourself out of my blanket criticism.  It's just I can't ignore the general tone of the place.  They were all in a state of hysteria after Trump's speech and the "pivot" nonsense, anyone who had paid attention to what else was going on, outside of cabloid TV would know that crap wouldn't last more than a few minutes.  

It's so exhausting over there with all that posing, adrenaline, hyperventilation and dramatic fainting.   Really, how can you stand being so bullied by the mean girls and boy or two?  You shouldn't have to stay in jr. high once you've graduated. 

Update:  I can't comment on something someone sends me without looking at the link, unlike most of Duncan's dolts, I do fact check.  That's the only time I ever go there, the night of the speech I got a leak from Duncan's Depends and I saw that everyone was histrionically hysterical over the "pivot" stuff.  

On the other hand, it's nice for a man of my age to be someone's guilty secret.  At least as long as it doesn't include activities that lead to a loss of sleep.  

Update 2:  Aside from the two dreadful years of jr. high, make that three for you know who, the closest experience I recall to it was the time I didn't take my very wise adviser's advice and agreed to play for a production at the theater department.  "They'll drive you crazy, don't do it,"  I was told.  I did and they did.   I couldn't imagine voluntarily spending four years there. 

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