Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hate Mail

No, I figured out that anyone at Baby Blue who believes the lies and libels about me is too stupid for me to worry about.   And that guy who claims I don't have a sense of humor has stolen jokes from me and posted them as his own.  I don't really care, it's not as if I'm going to make any money from it and I've got more where those came from.  I'm still having trouble with "insert" which will limit my posting of new stuff till I get it sorted out.  

As to the comment about the number of the comments here, I get at least five to ten for every one I decide to post.  I read a number of blogs that have vastly more value for reading time than Duncan and none of them have as many comments,  Echidne, for example.  Comments seem to drive out content, as Digby may have found when she decided to drop comments at her blog.  

He still ain't getting posted here during lent, I gave up fatheads. 

Update:  You can tell he's cribbing because those are the jokes that are funny.  Well, unless it's a joke that was old when Joey Bishop told it on Merv Griffin before most of the Eschatots were born. 

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