Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Part Of "I Don't Know That" "I Doubt It Is Possible" Was Too Complicated For You To Get?

I raised questions, I didn't come to any conclusion and I said that I doubted anyone could, so as to connect the adult Edgardo Mortara's view of his own life with his kidnapping as a child.  I doubted it was possible

I don't know that.  I don't know how even the great Tony Kushner can turn that into theatrical, never mind cinematic truth.   I doubt it is possible to do that.  How can you make history or even honest drama out of someones' life while ignoring what they said about it? 

I don't know how you could turn those doubts into a positive assertion.  Well, I don't know how an honest person could, I can figure out how an habitual liar would.  Raising questions that you say you doubt can be answered is something that you do when you're refusing to lie about something.  It's not something that the movies are very good at.  Not profit-making movies of the Hollywood type, it would have to be an "art film" to do that.  One that wouldn't turn a profit or get an Oscar nomination.

Update:  If you want easy, pre-packaged thinking, as easily swallowed and digested as pablum wrapped up in a baby-blue wrapper, there are places you can get that.  I don't do that.

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