Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This Is A Test - On The Pundits Declaration of Pivot

The pundit class is always, in every situation, looking for a way to promote the corporate-fascist agenda. Trump has been meeting with lots of corporate leaders, pretty much publicly, with no shame or fear of prosecution, setting up massive financial trusts with them, with the government at the center in a way that even the worst of the 19th century, gilded-age crook-presidents never did. They got their lines from that as plainly as Trump got his from the teleprompter. The media babblers know how to read their lines too.

I doubt it's going to last long.  There are enough people who don't want the United States to be a puppet state of Donald Trump's benefactors in Russia who have access to damaging information about him and the Republican-fascists are going to seriously damage lots of people who will be able to vote.  

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