Saturday, September 29, 2018

Supid Mail And only because addiction to Big Pharma products is a horrible curse of modern life

Based on the many, many dated prescriptions for powerful psycho-active drugs, gotten from many different doctors (he was an infamous doctor-shopper) it is estimated that in the nine months before he died, Glenn Gould took more than 2000 pills - that they know of.  I'd say that was something for a musician to learn not to do from him. Anyone who doesn't think that contributed to more than just his death at the age of 50 is an idiot.  I'd say it accounts for a good part of his musicianship, as well. 

If you want a Supreme Court tie-in, this week when that Court is about to sink to a new, modern low, the present day drug addiction crisis is largely the product of Supreme Court overturning restrictions on things like Big Pharma directly marketing drugs to their potential addicts and abusers and victims.  That's nothing Brett Kavanaugh would do a thing to overturn even if he was totally convinced it was true and that tens of thousands were dying from it. Nor would Collins or Murkowski or Flake . . .


  1. Brett Kavanaugh and the Republicans killed Glenn Gould.

    Got it.

    1. Posted only because you demonstrate that you're stupid and lazy and that's why no one likes you.

      I wonder if you're the person who got lower than the lowest possible score on the Miller Analogies test. Though I doubt any of your teachers ever recommended you go on to a masters program. They probably thought you should graduate immediately to custodial care.