Sunday, September 23, 2018

Stupid Mail

Simps is so stupid he believes Spiderman is real.  There's a word for a guy in his 70s who believes Spiderman is real, "Trumpian".   There are others, some referring to 12-year-olds but up here any 12-year-old boy who believed Spiderman was real would have been sent to a special school.  Maybe things were different down there in the upper-class suburbs of The City. 

I'm not making this up, you know.  

Update:  Oh, I'm just using Simels' own standards in reporting his claims.  He's the one who presented what he claims to be proof of Spiderman's existence.  That and the way he talked about some lame-assed Super(anti-)hero commic last month is evidence that I'm justified in saying he believes Spiderman is real.  That he was always that stupid is my first conclusion, that he is now is obvious.  Could be senility, could be just that he's a spoiled brat boy like Trump. 

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