Thursday, September 27, 2018

Grassley and Graham Stage A Farce And Didn't Expect Dr. Blasey Ford To Be The One Who Comes Out With Her Dignity Intact

The fact that the three women who have accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting either them or other women have all asked for the FBI to investigate them and their claims and when five Democratic Senators asked him multiple times to ask Donald Trump to ask the FBI to investigate their claims he hid behind Chuck Grassley who will never ask for that FBI investigation is enough to know that they are telling the truth and he is guilty.   Since he won't ever stand trial for any of it or even undergo a real investigation I feel that we have the default of deciding that for ourselves and there is no question that he's guilty by his own refusal to be investigated.

Her testimony was dignified and unevasive, his was constantly evasive and a disgusting spectacle.  His Republican allies, most of all the Drama Queen of the Judiciary Committee, Lindsay Graham matched him in disgusting spectacle.  Graham is, as I've recently reminded here, the man who signaled Samuel Alito's wife to burst into tears on cue at his confirmation hearings, this time he did it himself in an erruption of drama queen emotion. 

I don't know what happened to Rachel Mitchell the woman they hid behind for most of the questioning, maybe she was being too diligent in searching for something like evidence for them.  Apparently Republicans are venting their fury at her, I think it's so telling that the very people who support Kavanaugh first hired a woman to hide behind and now they're blaming her for the catastrophe that she stepped into at the last minute.  She isn't the one who gave her nothing to work with, it was Grassley and McConnell and Trump and Kavanaugh who did that.  Any of them could have had the FBI reopen its background of Kavanaugh and given her something to work with.  NOT that I feel sorry for her, she's the one who took the gig knowing that.  I would love to know what her conclusion after the hearings is but I suspect, unless she gives up politics and writes about it, we won't know.  Maybe she told them she believed Dr. Ford and pulled the plug on her part in this drama.

I think Dick Durban's questioning of Kavanaugh was the high point of it, Sheldon Whitehouse's promise to Dr. Ford that he would make sure she got the investigation she asked for when it's in his power was another one.  Nothing the Republicans did was any better than revolting.  Lindsay Graham deserves to be mocked into the flames of hell for what that little scumbag did.


  1. That refusal to be investigated is the "full Trump," isn't it?

  2. And as much as I hate Southern stereotypes, I'm surprised Graham didn't end his tirade with a swoon onto a couch.

    1. I can't remember who said it was his audition to replace Sessions as AG. If Democrats control the Senate I hope they bring his threats up in the confirmation process. I'd vote against him on that basis, alone.

      If he were a Brit I'd expect he'd be in charge of the regimental panto every year. Being in the Senate he only gets the chance when there's a Supreme Court vacancy.