Tuesday, September 25, 2018

If Purjury and Cover Up and the Shameful Nominations Hearings Got Susan Collins to "95% Yes" For Kavanaugh It Will Take More Than The Sham Hearing To Get Her To No

Hearing John Heilemann on MSNBC say that his Friday interview with Susan Collins contained her claim of absolute certainty that Brett Kavanaugh would not vote to overturn Roe was just part of her Susan the Sucker act.  The act is that she poses as a principled moderate, she votes for a right wing thug for a court of other nomination or a piece of legislation on such pantomime guarantees and when those guarantees turn out to be worth less than the air used to assert them, she gets off due to the lie that she and whoever issued the lie both knew was a lie being buried by the media.   It's an act so often done that they probably figured it into the Brett Kavanaugh fraud of a process from the start.

Susan Collins wants Kavanaugh on the court probably for similar reasons why Sandra Day O'Connor wanted a Republican to replace her.  First, she's a Republican and she wants a Republican majority on the court because she's AOK with almost all of the Republican depravity that issues from the Rehnquist and Roberts Courts and she's never much less than A minus OK with almost all of the rest of it.  I doubt she wouldn't find the death by a thousand rulings that will be the actual way that Republicans overturn Roe OK, too, as long as no one remembers her hand in doing it.  She's voted for just about all of the other members of the court who are ready to do that as everyone knew they would as they were put on the court. 

Susan Collins is and always has been a fraud, her "moderate" act which she copied from Olympia Snowe is a conventionalized bit of snake oil salesman, shell-game, flim-flammery that went to college and looks best in a blue dress.  She is lying about this and she is pretty confident that she will get away with it.  The only way she will not vote for Kavanaugh is if she is convinced it will cost her and she is confident that the Maine media, especially the big media, Maine Public Broadcasting as bad as any of it, will cover her shameful ass as she does it.  

I have seen someone say they think shes 51% likely to vote for Kavanaugh.  As of today, I think that's got it wrong by about 24%, she's always been far, far more likely to do what she's already done with some really stinking awful Republican Supreme Court nominations.  She'll vote for Democrats as long as they don't have a chance to sway the court but she's always voted for Republicans unless she figures she can't get away with it.  If she figures this one will be the one she and her media supporters can't pass off with her Susan the Sucker act, maybe that will be different. I wouldn't hold your breath or wait up nights over it, though. 

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