Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Stupid Mail

I'm not especially interested in what a bunch of non-musicians at Eschaton think about what I didn't say about Glenn Gould and who certainly never have read what I did say about him (try to search the archive, window at the upper left of the screen, Baby Blue boys) on the say so of the perennial prevaricator,  the maven of mendacity, their own, their very own designated trolling liar, Simps. 

As I've said, read what I DID write about Gould and you'll see what I find, not wanting but just wrong with his musicianship and what I think of his very real talent which was there in an unhelpful abundance considering his mental problems. 

I think I'd rather go over the list of people who won Pulitzers for Composition than go over the over-over exposed Glenn Gould again on the say so of Steve Simels' imaginary friend who supposedly won one for (snort) . . .  criticism. Gould's been dead almost four decades, and was way too much talked about even at that time.  Every single thing that could be said about him had been said by about 1990. 

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