Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh Is A Preppy Swine

I have read the conservative anti-Trumper Jennifer Rubin say that she thought the lowest point of today's hearings was when Kavanaugh sarcastically answered Senator Amy Klobuchar's questions about drinking by not answering it but trying to turn it back on her.  It was appalling enough that someone told him during the next of many breaks the big strong jock had to have that he'd better apologize.  I found his apology to be as insincere as the rest of his lying, evasive, unresponsive, filibustering, blustering, boasting performance. 

I wonder what can be demonstrated about his disrespect for women from his patterns of responses to the women on the committee who are all Democrats.  He certainly came off as an all round pig.  I suspect lots of people knew his kind of bully in high school and that a good percentage of the non-preppy population encountered conceited preppies like him.   I didn't until I was in college but they didn't improve much when they matriculated. 

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