Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Busted: CNN's Republican Women For Kavanaugh Are Actually GOP Operatives

CNN is FOX-lite, it was the first cabloid network I ever saw long before I ever saw FOX and I knew it was a Republican-enabling jurno-brothel.  And they're still at it, phonying up things.  Look at this outting of the obviously chosen for being different shades and with ethnic names, average randomly chosen "Republican Women" (CNN is pretending it's a "focus group" which would imply it's a random sample). 

If you listen to this the scum bag, Gina Sosa "Republican voter"(and Republican congressional candidate) asks "What boy hasn't done this in high school?"  the answer to that is NO BOY I EVER KNEW IN HIGH SCHOOL !   No boy I've ever heard about doing disgusting things in high school.  And some of them were pretty disgusting.  Since all of them are Republican operatives who CNN is pretending are just "Republican voters" maybe that's typical of Republican men in their high school years, which would explain everything you need to know about how the Republicans put scum like him and Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court and in lower courts and have one sitting in the White House right now.   Most of those with Latino names are Cubans drawn from the right-wing Republican Cuban circles.

CNN is a disgusting thing, it may be marginally better than FOX but that makes it more dangerous.  

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