Friday, September 28, 2018

Confession The Day After Lindsay's Star Turn - Why I Hate The Little Faggot

As a gay man I hate that pudgy little stagy faggot, Lindsay Graham and it's because of him being gay while being a total and absolute hypocrite as a Republican-fascist gay man from a state where he benefits from hatred of gay people, who supports and stages TV camera spectacles for people for Supreme Court vacancies and other offices who oppose every aspect of equality for LGBT people and Women and Black People and Latinos and Muslims and, most of all, poor People. 

Update: Well, let me quote someone Lindsay reminds me of, Truman Capote:

I'll tell you something about fags, especially Southern fags. We is mean. A Southern fag is meaner than the meanest rattler you ever met. 

First, Truman Capote never met me. Second, I doubt he ever met a gay man from Maine.  I've never aspired to or been under the illusions that I was part of the elite he'd been dropped by when he said that.  I don't deal in illusions. Third, Lindsay Graham is no Truman Capote, Capote never lied about who he was.

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