Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Why won't you post my comment when you answer it?"

It has always been my explicit, stated policy to not post comments that are abusive of other people who comment here and any that are abusive of me that I choose not to post.   I saw at Eschaton how doing that tended to lead things into the gutter.   I have also always said that I would use any material contained in comments I withhold or those I post as I choose to.  If you want me to post your comment don't include abuse against other people.  

I will also not post comments informing me of things said about me by other people if I choose not to, though I might use the information in them.  

There is one of those at the top of my "awaiting moderation" box which informs me of something a person I think has mental health issues said but which I won't address.   I think she is a rather sad case of someone who mistakes atheism as conveying a sort of instant erudition and intellectual status which it certainly doesn't.  I think that kind of mistaken notion accounts for easily a majority of the online atheist invective among the middle-brow and low brow.   The blanket anti-Christianity contained in her comment is considered by such to be some kind of fashion statement.  If I didn't think she had mental health issues, I'd have no problem doing what I do with Simps comments and those of such dolts as Freki and Skeptic Tank (I do think there is something interesting in how many of those among such atheists self-identify with shit).   

Though if I answered even just all of the ones Simps tries to post here it's all I'd have time to do.  My Spam file is a monument to obsessive compulsive venom spewing that would keep a Freudian fable spinner busy for a life time.   If Philip Roth were younger I might send it to him for research material. 

So, if you send me something and you don't want me to use it to my own ends instead of yours, either follow my rules or don't send it because I will use anything anyone provides, provided I choose to. 

Update:  There are more than 50 comments from Simps in my spam file, just since the beginning of this month.  And that's typical of what's been going on here for years.   Not to mention the many from people I've never posted one from.  Assuming they're not mostly his well known sock puppets. 

Update 2:  And there are two more from Simps alone since I posted that update. 

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  1. "There are more than 50 comments from Simps in my spam file, just since the beginning of this month. "

    Says the guy who had an entire website devoted solely to being snide about me.