Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Short Play

Lefty atheist asserting economic justice:   "Living wages" "economic justice" "workers rights" "moral obligation to do what's right."

Atheist who wants to exploit, lie, cheat, steal, swindle:   "Why should I?"

LAAEJ:   Because it's right.

AWWTELCSS:   Who says so?

LAAEJ:  after a long pause, looking puzzled  You just should!

AWWTELCSS:  Well,  Why should I?

LAAEJ:   Uh, ...... uh... Natural selection?



Update:  If I were to authorize a sequel it wouldn't be to an idiot who knows nothing about The Law, the Prophets, The Gospel, ...... Liberation Theology.   It certainly wouldn't be to someone whose knowledge is limited to the fashionable POV current in the lower-middle brow NYC, Madison Wisconsin, Chicago and LA area liberals of c. 1966.  The stupidity of those kind of atheists dominating the lefty media is one of the bigger factors in destroying liberalism.

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