Thursday, July 20, 2017

Donald Trump Treasonous Robber Baron As President

Wow, Trump is apparently on a path that will become a super Saturday Night Massacre in the entire Justice Department, going after everyone from his own Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General he appointed and also the Acting Director of the FBI and the special council investigating the treason Trumps campaign committed with the Putin crime regime.   Trumps excuse for implying he might fire any or all of the above is that the Robert Mueller investigation is looking into Trump crime family finances.  Obviously, there is something even someone as stupid and demented as Trump knows is illegal in the records Mueller is either in possession of or which he might soon be in possession of.  My suspicion on that isn't that Trump would have realized that, himself but that a lawyer or some advisor such as Steve Bannon or, who knows, some Russian attorney or official has told him that his fat ass might well be in a sling unless Trump gets rid of the line of his own appointees that stand between him and Robert Mueller.

This is literally the robber baron MO transplanted from the late 19th century to 2017, the kind of robber baron who would tell a lawyer that he didn't hire him to tell him how to follow the law but how to break the law and get away with it.   This is the robber baron, traitor as president doing that.

Donald Trump and his criminal son and son-in-law, arguably his daughter, perhaps other members of his family and inner circle, must be investigated, his statements that are coming out from his interview with the New York Times, overnight, are more outrageous than anything Richard Nixon ever said.   It is certain that there are things that are being discovered by Robert Mueller that Trump knows about which Trump doesn't want revealed.  It is certain that some of those are at least a total outrage and very likely felonious.

Donald Trump is going to go down, the only protection any of the members of his criminal family have is for him or Mike Pence or whoever might become president pardon them.   It's way past time for the Constitution to be amended to make the pardon of a president who commits treason with a foreign adversary impossible.  It should have been amended when Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon but with Trump that possibile way for him to ultimately win the cover up has to be removed.  Mike Pence is as much in danger as some of the members of the Trump family, he has certainly lied about what he knew about Russian collusion during the campaign.  There are a few classes of crimes possible by those at the very top of the government which are so dangerous that anyone who commits them should know there is no possibility of getting off as Nixon did.  That is a lesson we now know that those who drafted the provisions of the presidential power of pardon didn't know.  No president should have the power to pardon other presidents when they commit treason and the kinds of covering up of their crimes that Trump is openly talking about doing.  Future Trumps should know they have no way out, it might impede their tendencies to commit treason.   If  Trump gets away with it, don't be surprised if, within the next two decades, we get another one doing it.

I would put Jeff Sessions on that list of people who should go down and be imprisoned if it is found he committed the crimes I, at least, suspect him of.   In his case, with his abuse of power as a prosecutor, a politician and now Attorney General, he deserves whatever bad comes his way.

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