Monday, July 17, 2017

As to the objection to me saying that Christianity is Judaism for gentiles, I don't think it could be clearer that is the conclusion of the famous meeting in Jerusalem described in Acts 15, both Peter and James, the leaders of the first community of the followers of Jesus - who obviously both considered themselves to be Jews - pretty much said that Paul's gentile converts were exempted from some of the Law which they considered to be valid for Jews.  Make an argument to the contrary.  

Would that Christians in the past had realized that Jesus, his mother, just about all of his named followers in the Gospels were and considered themselves to be Jews, a lot of bad things might not have happened.  I say better late than never.   Your objection makes me remember what Miss Manners said to someone asking her advice,  "Ann Landers has to keep telling you not to sleep with anyone before marriage, doesn't she, and then what do you go and do? " 

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