Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another Short Play

Lefty Atheist:  If you don't stop pouring carbon into the atmosphere [destroying the ozone layer,  dumping brain damaging chemicals into the environment, etc.] it will cause a disaster, maybe the extinction of all life on Earth.

Billionaire Atheist Sociopath:  It will cost me millions to do that.

LA:  But it might lead to the end of all life on Earth [cause unimaginable damage, pain and suffering, etc.] if you don't do that.

BAS:  Might.  And even if it does, why should I care?

LA:  But it will end the human species, maybe all life on Earth. Everything will be dead. 

BAS:  I'll be dead by then.  Why should I care?

LA:  But... but.... but...

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